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Quality Raw Feeding for your dog with Raw Fed K9!

Raw Fed K9 offers PMR (Prey Model Raw) quality pre-mixed, and ready to go, 80/10/10 diets as well a selection of muscle meats for your dogs diet. 

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    10.5Lbs of your choice of Beef, Chicken, Pork, 3-Way Beef/Chicken/Pork, Rabbit and Salmon in a 80/10/10 Complete Mix raw dog food diet that is conveniently ground, mixed and frozen into 2oz Medallions. Each order of 10.5Lbs contains three, 3.5Lbs resealable bags. Each box contains 28 2oz patties, for a total of 84 2oz patties. 

    Each order contains three 3.5Lbs resealable bags. Making it easy for you to customize your orders by ordering different mixes and store in your freezer/refrigerator!

    See Product Description for full ingredient breakdown.