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Protein Choice 1

Protein Choice 1

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Quality Raw Feeding for your dog with Raw Fed K9!

Raw Fed K9 offers PMR (Prey Model Raw) quality pre-mixed, and ready to go, 80/10/10 diets as well a selection of muscle meats for your dogs diet. 

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  • Pure Meat Patties

    Price $99.00

    30 pounds of your choice of 100% Pure beef, Chicken, Pork, Or Salmon that is conveniently ground, mixed and frozen into 1/2 Lb patties. Each order of 30 pounds contains two, 16 pound boxes. Each box contains 32 8oz patties, for a total of 60 8oz patties. 

    Each order contains two, 15 pound boxes. Making it easy for you to customize your orders by ordering different mixes!