Raw Fed K9 Facility

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About Raw Fed K9

Raw Fed K9 is backed with over 40 years of knowledge in the pet food industry.

We started selling ingredients to different animal feed groups over 40 years ago. Our family has been in the agricultural business since 1936 and in the last 15 years we have grown tremendously. We built a new 26,000 sqft processing facility in 2015 and we pride ourselves on our cleanliness and disinfecting protocols that allow us to pick up products from the biggest to the smallest USDA inspected processing plants in the country. Our pick-up containers are allowed on these processing kitchen floors and are tested every day for bacteria and other viruses.

We have always fed our pets raw meat because of our availability to such products and have decided to expand into the market of raw pet food so consumers can see the unbelievable benefits that raw pet food has on their pets.

We also decided to take the hassle out of feeding raw pet food and make our raw pet food into easy to use patties, which in turn means less headache for you the customer in terms of the way raw pet food is usually such an inconvenience. Many raw pet food feeds are overwhelmed by having the first thaw the meat, and get the correct ratio of other ingredients to get the ideal diet, with our patties this is already done for you. The patties also make it very convenient to clean up, as well as portioning the food with an affordable and easy to use 8oz patty.