Why Feed Raw Dog Food?

Below are some of the great Prey Model Raw PMR benefits:

  • Pets enjoy their food and looks forward to meal times with excitement.
  • Helps create a stronger, healthier immune system so more resistant to disease and ill-health.
  • Shiny healthy coats.
  • Sweet smelling skin (no doggy smell).
  • Pearly white teeth, healthy gums and sweet breath (no tooth decay, or periodontal disease, therefore no infection on the gums and no bacteria swallowed with every gulp of saliva, this in turns leads to reduced chances of heart, kidney and liver disease.
  • Better concentration.
  • Less veterinarian cost.
  • Less hyperactive yet more energy.
  • Easier to keep at the right weight.
  • Better muscle tone.
  • No bloated look or putchy feeling to body.
  • Smaller poops.
  • More mental stimulation eating dinner when they have to figure out how to attack it – helps to stop boredom.
  • No parasites.
  • No need to use any flea preventatives. Some occasionally use a neem herb spray instead and find their cats or dogs never have fleas, as fleas/ticks like unhealthy bodies.
  • No need for harmful neurotoxins for flea/tick control.
  • No need for harmful chemical de-wormers again due to the added health from raw food; worms are prevented by the healthy immune system.
  • Stomach acid is strong enough to combat the threaded Salmonella and other bacteria.
  • No metabolic problems.
  • It's cheaper in the short run if you buy wisely.
  • It’s cheaper in the long run as vet bills are dramatically reduced.
  • Fresh food and you know what is in it.

How is raw dog food better than kibble?

  • Most kibble is plant based and therefore not dietary accessible for digestion and not species appropriate chemicals, food coloring and preservatives have been added to extent shelf life.
  • Source of meat is un-known to consumer.
  • Many kibble manufactures source their meat from rendering plants, meat unfit for human consumption, including chemically denatured meats and/or spoiled meats.
  • Most kibble includes Corn or corn syrup. Corn is a major contributor to allergies, as it acts as a natural histamine.
  • Kibble has been found a major contributor to canine diabetes and pancreatic problems.
  • Many kibble brands are repeatedly recalled for mold or salmonella contamination.
  • Kibble fed dogs do not have the stomach acid to withstand the ill effects of salmonella contamination in the kibble.
  • Kibble fed dogs do not have the stomach acid to digest the occasional bone they get as a treat and therefore risk injury to the stomach or intestine, as well as blockage.
  • Kibble with it's grain and sugar are a major contributor to cancer and arthritis.
  • Kibble fed dogs have a higher percentage of tooth decay and are in periodical need of dental cleanings by the veterinarian.
  • Kibble fed dogs find them self at the vet more often, because of above named conditions and therefore have a higher annual or life time vet bill.