How is Raw Dog Food Made?

After years of commitment to the well-being of dogs, RawFedk9 found a more nutritious and affordable way for dog owners to feed their pets. The raw diet is made of quality ingredients to provide a complete raw diet. Our carefully crafted raw diet is the solution for your puppy or adult dog’s needs. If you are a health-conscious dog owner, you may be wondering; how is raw dog food made? This guide will shed some light:

Raw Food Production Process

Selection of Raw Materials

The selection of ingredients has a significant impact on the final product. These elements may determine the nutritional quality, economic viability, texture, uniformity, and extrudability of the product. To achieve a complete balanced diet, these ingredients have to be carefully selected:

  • Protein- Dog food protein helps supply amino acids to build muscles, ligaments, tendons, skin, and hair. It is also significant in enzyme and hormone production.
  • Nutrients – Including bones and natural internal organs in our prey model raw pet food provides essential nutrients, vitamins, and minerals your pet needs. Everything from vitamins A, E, and K to iron, zinc, and fatty acids are provided through these ingredients.

Weighing and Preparing Ingredients

The selected ingredients are weighed and mixed to meet and fit RawfedK9’s specific recipe and size range. RawfedK9 makes all of our prey model raw dog food in small batches of 1200lbs at a time to ensure quality and consistency remains to our standards. We create the perfectly measured 80/10/10 combination of ingredients every single time, send everything through our grinder, then create the patties.

Sealing and Shipping

The mixed ingredient patties, bound together with ingredients from the animal the protein comes from, are then ready to be packaged, cooled and shipped directly to you! We freeze our patties to ensure they make it to you in the best condition possible, and send them off in an insulated and cooled box. Once you receive your prey model raw dog food, all you do is feed it to your pet frozen or thawed, depending on their preference.

Get Carefully Blended Raw Dog Food Today!

Now that you know how our raw dog food is made and what the production process entails, it’s time to try our products! Check out our raw dog food products to discover more and order now.