Placing Your Order

How do I order?

  • Select the Complete Mix and correlating Protein choice for each of your 15 pound boxes to complete your 30 pound order. Each one of our Complete Mixes is an 80/10/10 Prey Model Raw diet that is conveniently ground, mixed and frozen into 8 ounce patties. Please see our ingredients list to see the difference between each of our Complete Mixes.

How do I know what product to choose?

  • Are you new to raw feeding? If yes, please see our raw feeding guide to get started with your transition!
  • Already a raw feeder? If yes, our Complete Mix patties or medallions are a fully balanced 80/10/10 blend that are ready to feed. Each dog is different in the proteins that they prefer or that they may have allergies to. Choose according to what your dog prefers. If you are unsure which proteins your dog prefers, we recommend starting with our Complete Mix Sample Pack to try different mixes and proteins to find what your dog loves most!

How do I know how much to order and how long will it last me?

  • Use our Feeding Calculator on any product page to calculate how much food your dog requires daily. This will help you determine how many days you will get out of each of our products that you order.

Product Information

How are your product’s made?

  • All of our products are made in small 1200Lb batches to ensure quality control. We start by weighing all of our different sources to guarantee a perfectly measured 80/10/10 diet every time. Once our products are weighed, they are sent through our grinder, mixed, pattied and then packaged before heading out to delivery.

Do you use HPP?

  • None of our products are High Pressure Pasteurized.

Where do you source your meats from?

  • Our food is sourced from human-grade meats from farms local to us here in the Midwest. The animals are grass-fed and pastured-raised with the exception of winter months when some supplemental feeding may be required. The meat is antibiotic-free, steroid-free and hormone-free. The meat contains no artificial ingredients, no preservatives, no fillers, no supplements, no by-products and no added sodium. It is 100% natural, pure raw meat.

What do the patties weigh?

  • Patties are pressed at 8 ounces as they come through our patty machine. Please keep in mind that as the patties thaw during transit or are thawed at home and then weighed this will affect the weight as raw foods tend to be 60% or more moisture. Our products are binded in the mixer with the blood of the animal we sourced, any loss of moisture due to thawing will reduce overall weight slightly. Example: When thawing hamburger from the freezer and thawed in the fridge tends to leak, this is actually myoglobin and mostly water that is released. This is the same with your raw dog food.

Are your products antibiotic and hormone free?

  • Yes, all of our products are raised free of administering antibiotics, steroids and hormones.

Are your animals grass fed?

  • Our animals are grass-fed and pastured-raised with the exception of winter months when some supplemental feeding may be required. 

Do I need to add any supplements?

  • For an overall healthy pet, no. A balanced 80/10/10, nutrient rich diet, made with quality ingredients has everything your dog requires. Pet's with certain diseases or health concerns may require additional supplements. We believe in Omega 3 fatty acids, glucosamine and probiotics on an as needed basis.

Do I need to add any fruits, vegetables, grains?

  • RawFedK9 is a Prey Model Raw diet and does not believe in feeding fruits, vegetables or grains. Your dogs pancreas only produces a small amount of amylase. Feeding fruit and vegetables will put a strain on the pancreas as it attempts to break these things down as they are not designed to digest these. Not only that but carbs, and especially fruit can cause yeast issues due to the sugar. Allergies can be blamed on the inclusion of veg in the diet as well. Another important consideration is Omega 3. Omega 3 is very important for healthy brain function, eyesight, skin and coat condition etc. Balancing Omega 3 and Omega 6 is important as Omega 6 is inflammatory and 3 is anti-inflammatory. Dogs require Omega 3s EPA and DHA whereas plants contain ALA. When a herbivore eats plants it can convert ALA to EPA and DHA and therefore when your carnivore eats the herbivore it gets the correct fatty acids it needs. Your dog cannot convert ALA to EPA and DHA. Please see more information about feeding fruits, vegetables and carbs HERE

Are all of your mixes a complete and balanced diet?

  • The food will be a true Prey Model Raw diet. We do not formulate using synthetic vitamins or minerals in our PMR Diets. 

    Food Storage / Feeding

    Should I feed the food frozen or thawed

    • Each dog is different and has their own preferences. Either is fine and your dog will let you know what they prefer!

    How should I thaw the food?

    • Always thaw the food by tempering in the refrigerator. Never microwave your raw food.

    How much should my dog eat?

  • Please use our Feeding Calculator on any one of our product pages to determine how much food your dog should eat per day.
  • Shipping & Tracking

    When will my product ship?

    • All orders are shipped every Monday. All orders MUST be placed by 2:00PM/CST each Monday to be shipped that same week. Any orders placed after that time will be shipped the next Monday.

    How will my product arrive?

    • Expect that your order will arrive partially to fully thawed. All of our products are shipped frozen solid and packaged in insulated coolers, surrounded by dry ice and ice packs. As the package is going through transit, it will begin to thaw as the cooler has a refrigerator affect on your product and will allow it to thaw while remaining cool. Place in your freezer upon arrival.

    What carrier do you use?

    • All orders are shipped via UPS.

    How do I track my package?

    • You will receive a shipping confirmation email that will contain a link with your tracking number.

    How will I know my package has shipped?

    • You will receive a shipping confirmation email that will contain a link with your tracking number.

    What time do I need to order by?

    • All orders MUST be placed by 2:00PM/CST each Monday to be shipped that same week. Any orders placed after that time will be shipped the next Monday.

    Where do you ship to?

    • We ship to the entire Continental USA.

    Pet Health / What To Expect

    How to properly transition

    • Please see our Raw Feeding Guide page for a full breakdown on transitioning your dog to our food.

    What should I expect when transitioning my dog?

    • Each dog is different and your dog will experiences some changes as they begin their new raw diet. Your dog will likely experience loose stools as they begin their transition. It is important to remember that loose stools is not diarrhea. Your dogs new raw diet is much more nutrient rich and your dog may experience detoxification as the body cleanses itself of toxins.

    Why is my dog drinking less?

    • Raw diets are much higher in moisture, most of our Complete Mixes are over 60% moisture, typical of raw food. This means that your dog is getting more moisture from their diet, which is not requiring them to drink as much. The moisture is completely removed from kibble, which also has added sodium, causing your dog to be thirsty more often.

    Why is my dog vomiting?

    • There are several reasons your dog may be vomiting. Vomiting is a normal response to detox and your dog may experience this during their transition to their new raw diet. Dogs new to their raw diet also may regurgitate their food and begin to eat again, this is typically due to the dog eating too fast. If the vomit is loose and yellow, this is called yellow biled which means the dogs stomach is empty, try splitting your dogs daily amount into smaller but more frequent meals throughout the day.

    Why are my dogs stools much smaller?

    • Your dogs stools are smaller because the raw diet that they are now transitioned to is being digested and fully utilized by their body. Fillers in your dogs previous diet, which are not utilized are passed through digestion and back out of the body which is why the stools are much larger.

    Subscription / Account Information

    How to save 5% when subscribing?

    Find your favorite RawFedK9 products and choose the Subscribe and Save option before adding to your cart!

    How does it work?

    ALL subscription orders process at 8:00am/CST on the day selected. If you wish to skip or cancel an order, you must call before 2:00pm/CST to get the order stopped before shipping. Any subscription orders that have been modified to include only a half of a case will not be fulfilled. Discount codes are not valid on subscription orders. All subscription orders process on the date that is set in advance and at the frequency that is chosen by the customer. The subscription program will determine when your product will process and ship based on the day of the week that you set, delivery and transit times are the same as described in the above shipping clause. It is advised due to varying transit times that enough food is stored on reserve to ensure you do not run out if the carrier experiences delays. You will receive an email 3 days prior to your order processing, this is not a shipment notification. This will notify you that your account will be charged. Your product will ship the next Monday or Monday of if your subscription processes on a Monday. Another email will be sent with your tracking information once your order has been fulfilled.

    Benefits of subscribing to RawFedK9 products

    • You have complete control over your subscription
    • From your subscription portal, you have complete control over your subscription. You can swap to a different product, change your ship date, and change the frequency of your shipments.
    • You can also pause, cancel, or resume your order anytime with just a few clicks.
    • You get a 5% discount on every order.
    • It's FREE to join
    • No sign up fees, no cancelation fees, ZERO hidden fees. You pay the exact price that you see on the checkout page.
    • Control the frequency of your shipments
    • You can ship your subscription orders as frequently as you would like. With just a few clicks, you can pick the exact date you want your orders to ship.
    • Getting too much product? Not a problem. From the subscription portal you have the option of shipping a shipment.

    How to login & manage your subscriptions

    • When you create a subscription on, you will also create an account.
    • Click on "My Account" and log in using the log in credentials you entered when registering.
    • Once logged in, click the "Manage Subscriptions" link. Once you get to the subscriptions dashboard you can update your order date, frequency and even skip upcoming orders.
    • To change products, you must REMOVE all products from your subscription and go to the product page and select the options with the products you wish to replace the existing ones with and as long as you are logged in you will see the option to "add to existing subscription", once this is selected you will update your subscription.  
    • If you cannot locate this email, please contact customer support & request the link to manage your subscription.
    • NOTE: ALL subscription orders process at 5:00am/CST on the day selected. If you wish to skip or cancel an order, you must call before 2:00pm/CST to get the order stopped before shipping. Any order changes must be made one business day in advance of the desired or scheduled processing date.
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