Prey Model Raw Complete Mix Diets

RawFedK9 knows that each dog and cat is an individual and we want to be able to offer something for all of their needs with a large variety of ingredients. Our Prey Model Raw food diets for dogs are formulated with the appropriate 80/10/10 ratios, using a variety of quality frozen dog food ingredients for each Complete Mix. Take a look below to see our raw dog food calorie and formula breakdown, as well as a full ingredient list of each of our mixes.

We feel strongly that a Prey Model Raw diet is the most species-appropriate diet for our dogs and cats and believe that with quality ingredients, the proper ratio of muscle, meat, and organs along with rotating through a variety of proteins and ingredients provides just that. We understand that not every dog is able to tolerate a large variety of proteins, for those circumstances, we recommend our NutraBoost Supplement.

You can view our specific products below and customize your ideal mix of proteins for your pet.

Complete Mix Prey Model Raw Food Diet Ingredients

Select from the dropdowns below to review a full ingredient breakdown for our Complete Mix and Pure Meat formulas. 

Complete Mixes

  • Beef: 80% Beef Meat, Beef Hearts, Beef Trachea, 10% Beef Spleen, Beef Liver, Beef Kidney and 10% Beef Bone
  • Pork: 80% Pork Meat, Pork Heart, Pork Snouts, 10% Pork Kidney, Pork Liver, Pork Spleen and 10% Pork Bone
  • Chicken: 80% Chicken, Chicken Hearts, Chicken Gizzards, 10% Chicken Liver and 10% Chicken Bone
  • Rabbit: 80% Rabbit Meat, 10% Beef Liver, Beef Kidney and 10% Beef Bone
  • Salmon: 80% Salmon with Skin, 10% Beef Liver, Beef Kidney and 10% Beef Bone
  • Trio: 80% Beef Meat, Beef Hearts, Beef Trachea, Pork Meat, Pork Heart, Pork Snouts, Chicken, Chicken Hearts, 10% Beef Liver, Beef Kidney, Pork Kidney, Pork Liver, Pork Spleen, Chicken Liver and 10% Beef Bone
  • Venison: 80% Venison Meat, 10% Beef Liver, Beef Kidney and 10% Beef Bone
  • Duck: 80% Duck, 10% Beef Liver, Beef Kidney and 10% Duck Bone
  • Quail: 80% Quail, 10% Beef Liver, Beef Kidney and 10% Quail Bone
  • Turkey: 80% Turkey, Turkey Hearts, Turkey Gizzards, 10% Turkey Liver and 10% Turkey Bone
  • Bison: 80% Bison Meat, Bison Heart, 10% Bison Liver, Bison Kidney, and 10% Bison Bone
  • Beaver: 80% Beaver, 10% Beef Liver, Beef Kidney, and 10% Beaver Bone
  • Kangaroo: 80% Kangaroo, 10% Beef Liver, Beef Kidney, and 10% Beef Bone
  • Lamb: 80% Lamb Meat, 10% Beef Liver, Beef Kidney, and 10% Beef Bone
  • Disclaimer: Our Salmon is wild caught Atlantic, we take several precautions such as only Atlantic salmon and removing all offal as the Neorickettsia helminthoeca parasite generally lives in the offal (not always) and is typically only found in Pacific salmon. We also follow the FDA guidelines for selling raw fish which is to deep freeze for several weeks to ensure any bacteria/parasites are killed.

Pure Meat Formulas

  • Beef: 100% Beef Meat
  • Pork: 100% Pork Meat
  • Chicken: 100% Chicken Meat
  • Green Tripe: 100% Beef Green Tripe 

RawFedK9 Raw Dog Food Formula Analysis

All RawFedK9 product analyses are listed below. 
 Formula Moisture Fat Protein Calories
Beef 60.44% 19.01% 20.90% 577kcal/8oz
Chicken 75.78% 10.55% 10.50% 317kcal/8oz
Pork 66.81% 12.11% 17.30% 404kcal/8oz
Trio 74.77% 10.29% 14.40% 340kcal/8oz
Salmon 71.06% 5.69% 18.80% 286kcal/8oz
Quail 69.35% 6.92% 16.10% 325kcal/8oz
Rabbit 71.30% 8.56% 14.10% 313kcal/8oz
Duck 66.05% 16.84% 13.20% 475kcal/8oz
Turkey 69.18% 12.69% 14.90% 398kcal/8oz
Venison 67.49% 10.70% 13.50% 374kcal/8oz
Bison 64.51% 13.77% 19.10% 454kcal/8oz
Beaver 70.55% 5.33% 18.20% 301kcal/8oz
Kangaroo 69.89% 3.13% 20.50% 276kcal/8oz
Lamb 57.29% 17.06% 14.40% 526kcal/8oz
Green Tripe 69.89% 13.74% 15.50% 157kcal/3oz
Pure Beef 66.32% 13.16% 19.30% 447kcal/8oz
Pure Chicken 74.12% 11.13% 12.60% 350kcal/8oz
Pure Pork 67.24% 17.60% 16.50% 508kcal/8oz
Pure Salmon 74.38% 18.40% 4.21% 256kcal/8oz