Our Story

RawFedK9 , a committed raw dog food manufacturer and distributor, is the result of years of dedication to the well-being of pets and was started with the dream of being able to provide all pet owners an easy, convenient and more affordable way to feed their pets a prey model raw diet with quality ingredients. It is our hope, as a raw pet food supplier, that by providing a complete, balanced diet that is ground, mixed, pattied and shipped directly to pet owner's doors, all pets will be able to reap the benefits that a quality raw diet will provide.

Rachel has been a lifelong animal advocate, who dedicated much of her life to local rescue animals, training working dogs and committing herself to their well-being. As Rachel began to take in more rescues and training dogs, she continued to educate herself on diet and how these affected dogs, from medical issues, to how they perform as working dogs. With the help of a very devoted group of raw feeders, she decided that a Prey Model Raw Diet was biologically the right choice.

With a pack of 5 personal dogs, and continuing to take rescue dogs, Rachel was going through a large amount of raw dog food, struggling to source quality ingredients, along with the challenges of prepping each dog's raw meals and storing it, she began to wonder how many other raw feeders were experiencing her same struggles, as well as how many dogs were missing out on a raw diet due to the hassle their owners did not want to deal with. The improvements in health, appearance, and performance were undeniable.

After reaching out to others with industry experience, they assisted in sourcing quality ingredients, grinding and preparing Rachel's raw dog food for her personal and rescue dogs. Rachel continued to experiment with different mixes while also looking to make feeding more convenient. As this continued, RawFedK9 was born, becoming the top raw pet food supplier.

As one of the top raw dog food manufacturers and distributors in the industry, RawFedK9 continues to stay true to its commitment to providing convenient, affordable and quality ingredients, Prey Model Raw pet food to its growing customer base.