Rotating Proteins

Is your dog underweight or allergic? Or could your friend be battling other health issues? Either way, your lovely pet can benefit from our prey model raw dog food. At RawfedK9, we offer complete rotating proteins for dogs to help keep them stronger, healthier, and allergy-free. Our raw food is beneficial to all ages and breeds of dogs and can help them maintain a healthy, balanced diet.

Here are some benefits of rotating proteins in your dog’s raw diet if you’re new to raw feeding.

  • Combat Protein Intolerance

If your dog repeatedly feeds on the same type of food, it’s likely to develop intolerance or allergies. Rotating proteins is a great way to provide your dog with proteins from different sources to reduce the chances of protein intolerance. For example, instead of feeding your dog chicken day in day out, you can supplement it with a complete mix of proteins.

  • Provides a Balanced Diet

A common misconception is that different protein sources offer the same nutrients to pets. However, the truth is that they don’t contain similar amounts and types of nutrients. For example, chicken provides protein, niacin, selenium, vitamin B6, phosphorus, vitamin B12, and pantothenic acid.

On the other hand, beef provides proteins, vitamin B6, vitamin B2, selenium, niacin, potassium, iron, pantothenic acid, and chlorine. Rotating protein sources allow us to provide dogs with a complete, nutrient-rich diet.

  • Reduced Stress for Raw Feeders

Rotating proteins reduces your stress as a raw feeder since you can rest assured that your dog feeds on a balanced diet every day. In addition, you don’t have to worry about calculating the right protein quantities or picking the right supplements for your dog.

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