A misconception about processed foods, like kibble, is that they scrape plaque and tarter off dogs’ teeth. However, the reality is the opposite. There are carbohydrates and sugar present in the starch form in processed dog foods and dogs’ saliva can’t break down this starch content. As a result, bacteria in a dog’s mouth feed on this starch, leading to plaque and tartar buildup. Eventually, these buildups invite more bacteria, ruining a dog’s dental health.

On the other hand, a raw diet for dogs helps them have better dental health overall. Raw dog food includes less starch, more natural enzymes, and good bacteria. All these prevent tarter and plaque buildup. In ideal raw dog food, raw meaty bones like chicken backs or turkey necks, and recreational bones like beef ribs, and kneecaps are present. Dogs can keep their teeth free from plaque and tarter by chewing these raw bones.

A developed raw diet like RawFedK9 includes raw meaty bones, which are softer and safer than a cooked diet. This diet for dogs massages the gums, helps prevent bacteria, and naturally scrapes plaque from the dog’s mouth.

You can also feed recreational bones a few times weekly to keep your dog’s teeth clean. Chewing these bones is also a kind of jaw exercise and mental stimulation for dogs.

Benefits Of Raw Food Diet

Apart from protecting gum and teeth, raw food diets also offer many other benefits. Here are some raw diet benefits for dogs:

  1. Higher Absorption of Food

Dogs can easily digest a raw diet and produce less waste. They have smaller and firmer stools when on a raw diet, indicating they absorb most of their food.

  1. Healthier Skin & Coat

Improper nutrition can lead to a dog’s skin becoming very oily, which affects the appearance of their coat and can even lead to unpleasant and dirty smelling dogs. The prey diet for dogs adds extra vitamins and minerals to a dog’s diet and can help reduce oil production to make their skin and coat look much healthier.

  1. Help Maintain Weight

The raw diet has shown that when you introduce raw feeding, this can help dogs cut excess weight, maintain a healthy weight, gain stronger muscles, and help their posture. While naturally supporting your dog to reach a healthier weight, raw feeding can help lose excess weight or gain the necessary weight your dog needs.

  1. Strong Immune System and Lower Risks of Allergies

Introducing a raw diet into your dog’s diet can help promote a stronger immune systems and reduce the risks of allergies in your dog since the immune system of dogs has to work less to digest their food. Instead, their immune system is able to put more energy into fighting incoming illnesses and allergies and keep them healthier.

  1. Extra Energy

Your dog’s body will always be filled with energy when provided with the correct nutritional content. For instance, if you are noticing your dog is becoming tired after walks, it may not just be a sign of getting older. Overall nutrition can affect a dog’s energy levels, and a prey model raw diet can offer a dog the complete nutrients they need to be happy, energetic, and healthy.

  1. Healthier Teeth

Many have seen the increase in healthier teeth when introducing a raw feeding diet to their dog. Meat contains natural enzymes that help clean a dog’s teeth, keeping them strong and healthy for a longer amount of time. A dog’s breath can greatly improve, and the risks of developing plaque decreases.

  1. Overall Health

Nutrition for dogs works the same way as it does for humans. When you give your body the right amount of vitamins and minerals each day, your long-term health greatly improves, and the risks of illnesses diminish.

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