Just as in humans, certain allergens can make conventional dog food problematic for dogs with sensitive immune systems, potentially triggering harmful reactions.


In such scenarios, the best dog food for allergic dogs involves transitioning them to a raw diet. This change has shown significant improvement of discomfort and reduces any suffering, but why is raw food a better choice for dogs with allergies? Let's explore.


Why Should You Choose a Raw Diet for Allergy-Prone Dogs?

Allergies in pets are primarily contributed to either environmental factors or dietary causes. While environmental factors may be beyond your control, you can reduce or even eliminate allergy symptoms through dietary factors.

Supporting your dog's immune and digestive systems is crucial to facilitate natural healing.

The best dog food for allergic dogs is high-quality, natural food. Raw diets are more nutritious and digestible in their natural form for canines. A raw diet not only offers anti-inflammatory properties but can also enhance overall health and reduce allergic symptoms. A stronger immune system, supported by this diet, can mean a greater capacity for your dog to resist allergies without having to rely on medications.


How to Introduce Raw Food into Your Allergy-Prone Dog's Diet

Identifying dog food that doesn't worsen allergies can be challenging, especially when you don’t know the exact cause of how the allergies appeared. A realistic approach to transition is to begin with meats unlikely to cause allergic reactions, such as buffalo, rabbit, or goat. Since many commercial kibble diets predominantly contain chicken, beef, and lamb, your dog may have developed sensitivities to these proteins.

A balanced raw diet typically includes 80% meat, 10% bone, and 10% organ. Once you start to see an improvement in your dog’s allergy symptoms, you can gradually introduce other protein sources like lamb, chicken, and fish.


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