What Is A Prey Model Raw Diet?

Interested in a prey model raw diet for your pup? Then you likely have lots of questions about the benefits of this diet for your dog’s health!

While most people likely think of dry kibble when they think of dog food, feeding your pup only this sort of diet is not optimal for their long-term health. For one thing, kibble is overly processed and contains plant-based proteins in different concentrations, depending on the brand of kibble you choose.

So many pet wonders look for better, healthier alternatives, such as the prey diet for dogs. Here is everything you need to know about it.


Prey Model Raw Diet 101

A prey diet for dogs is essentially composed of whole prey foods without any added plant-based ingredients. The idea is to offer them a more natural way of eating, as they likely would eat in the wild.

Even though dogs have been successfully domesticated and are now man’s best friend, it doesn’t necessarily mean their nutritional needs are all that different from their wild ancestors. Animal-based proteins are essential to offer the pup a balanced and healthy diet, but unfortunately, kibble alone cannot address this need full-on.


The Benefits of Prey Diet for Dogs

Unlike their main competitor cats, dogs don’t need to eat meat almost exclusively to be healthy. Many veterinarians actually recommend a balanced diet for dogs which includes meat and fresh vegetables. In a prey model raw diet, the idea is to let go of highly-processed dog foods commonly found in stores and opt for something more natural.

The prey diet for dogs can bring some great benefits for your pup:

  • Extra Energy - The right nutrition fuels the dog’s body with energy. If you notice your dog is becoming tired after a walk, it might not just be a sign of getting older. Nutrition can also affect the pup’s energy levels, and a prey model raw diet can offer the dog the nutrients they need to be happy and energetic;
  • Healthier Teeth - Meat contains natural enzymes that help clean the dog’s teeth, keeping them strong and healthy longer. Their breath can also greatly improve, and the risks of developing plaque decreases;
  • Healthier Coat - Improper nutrition can lead to oily dog skin, which affects the appearance of their coat and can even lead to unpleasant dog smells. The prey diet for dogs adds extra vitamins and minerals to the pup’s diet, and helps reduce oil production and make their coat look much better;
  • Lower Risks of Allergies - Your dog’s system has everything it needs to break down the foods in a prey model raw diet, making it less likely to cause food sensitivities or even allergies. Highly-processed foods can sometimes lead to various forms of allergic reactions, such as swelling, eye-watering, and more;
  • An Overall Healthier Pup - Nutrition for pups works the same way as it does for humans. When you give your body the right doses of vitamins and minerals every day, your long-term health greatly improves, and the risks of illnesses diminish.


The Best Prey Model Raw Diet Foods for Your Pup

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