If you are new to raw feeding your dog, there are a few items you should know beforehand. Raw dog food is mainly composed of whole prey foods without any added plant-based ingredients. The idea behind this diet is to offer your dog a more natural way of eating, as they likely would eat in the wild.

When raw feeding your dog, it is important to handle it with careful preparation to avoid the risk of bacterial contamination which can be harmful to both dogs and humans. It is important to take the necessary precautions of handling raw food safely, including proper storage, cleaning surfaces, and washing hands thoroughly.

How Do You Start The Diet?

If you are looking to switch your dog’s diet to a raw food diet, do not immediately start feeding the 80/10/10 Complete Mix. We need to ensure we don’t upset your dog's stomach as the diet is very nutrient dense and the dog’s PH level will need to adjust from kibble to the much more nutrient, raw diet.

When switching from kibble, there Is a 16-day transition period to follow to help your dog not get sick from the transition:

Day 1 - 5

Once your transition pack has arrived from RawFedK9, immediately stop feeding your dog their kibble and begin feeding them the pure meat patties that come in the package.

Day 6 - 9

If your dog hasn’t had any issues from the pure meat patties, start introducing the complete mix patties from your order by feeding your dog 50% of the pure meat patties mixed with 50% of the complete mix patties for each meal.

Day 10 - 15

After introducing 50/50 of the pure meat patties and the complete mix patties, if your dog hasn’t seen any issues from this transition, begin feeding your dog 100% of the complete mix patties for each meal.

Day 16

Once your dog has adapted to the complete mix transition, you may begin to introduce new proteins to your dog’s diet.

Where Does the Meat Come From?

At RawFedK9, we prioritize the quality and sourcing of our food and that’s why our raw food comes from local farms in the Midwest, where we carefully select human-grade meats. All of the animals are grass-fed and pastured-raised with the exception of the winter months when supplemental feeding may be required. All of the meat is antibiotic-free, steroid-free and hormone-free to ensure your dog is getting nothing but the best. The meat contains no artificial ingredients, no preservatives, no fillers, no supplements, no by-products, and no added sodium. It is 100% natural, pure raw meat.

Feed Your Dogs Healthier

RawFedK9 presents a perfect mixture of 100% natural raw dog food packaged in an ideal serving size. Order your first RawFedK9 Dog Food pack to feed your dogs the healthiest raw food without artificial additives or ingredients. If you are still unsure whether to make the transition, contact our team today to gain additional information and answer questions you may have!