Allergies and Common Symptoms

Allergies and Common Symptoms Allergies are not uncommon in dogs. In most cases, they are one of the major reasons for veterinary appointments. Allergic reactions can cause your dog to feel serious discomfort and even lead to infection if left untreated. Therefore, if you suspect that your pet has allergies or your veterinarian suggested that your dog could be suffering from allergies, it's important to know the potential dog allergy symptoms and how to combat them. Pets can be allergic to various environmental substances or food. Either way, you should be able to recognize symptoms of allergic reactions. Types of Allergies in Dogs Food Allergies Your dog can develop an allergy towards a particular food, regardless of whether they have...

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Rotating Proteins

Rotating Proteins Is your dog underweight or allergic? Or could your friend be battling other health issues? Either way, your lovely pet can benefit from our prey model raw dog food. At RawfedK9, we offer complete rotating proteins for dogs to help keep them stronger, healthier, and allergy-free. Our raw food is beneficial to all ages and breeds of dogs and can help them maintain a healthy, balanced diet. Here are some benefits of rotating proteins in your dog’s raw diet if you’re new to raw feeding. Combat Protein Intolerance If your dog repeatedly feeds on the same type of food, it’s likely to develop intolerance or allergies. Rotating proteins is a great way to provide your dog with proteins...

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What Is a Prey Model Raw Diet?

What Is A Prey Model Raw Diet? Interested in a prey model raw diet for your pup? Then you likely have lots of questions about the benefits of this diet for your dog’s health! While most people likely think of dry kibble when they think of dog food, feeding your pup only this sort of diet is not optimal for their long-term health. For one thing, kibble is overly processed and contains plant-based proteins in different concentrations, depending on the brand of kibble you choose. So many pet wonders look for better, healthier alternatives, such as the prey diet for dogs. Here is everything you need to know about it.   Prey Model Raw Diet 101 A prey diet for...

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Raw Feeding Puppies: Is It The Right Choice?

Raw Feeding Puppies: Is It The Right Choice? Like in the case of people, a balanced diet is essential for the long-term health and happiness of a dog. Especially when they are young, puppies have really high nutritional demands, which make them face rather high risks of dietary deficiencies from an unhealthy diet. Unfortunately, this can even lead to the puppies developing life-long conditions. So, if your household just welcomed a new puppy into the mix, you are likely wondering what sort of diet is best for your young pup’s long-term well-being. More and more, the benefits of a raw diet for puppies are making waves among dog owners. But is it the right choice?   What Is a Raw...

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Raw Fed Cats

Raw Fed Cats Yes, our Prey Model Raw diets are for cats too! Despite our name, our diets are a species-appropriate diet for your raw fed cats.  Cats require a higher amount of taurine in their diets which is an essential amino acid that is needed for your cat to maintain proper eye and heart function, but it is also important for other vital functions such as fetal development, grown, reproduction, sight and hearting. Unlike many other carnivores, cats can't create their own taurine from other amino acids so it is crucial that you're providing adequate taurine in their raw diet. To start, it is important to know the ingredients that are rich in taurine. Red meat is higher in...

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