Raw Fed Cats

Raw Fed Cats Yes, our Prey Model Raw diets are for cats too! Despite our name, our diets are a species-appropriate diet for your raw fed cats.  Cats require a higher amount of taurine in their diets which is an essential amino acid that is needed for your cat to maintain proper eye and heart function, but it is also important for other vital functions such as fetal development, grown, reproduction, sight and hearting. Unlike many other carnivores, cats can't create their own taurine from other amino acids so it is crucial that you're providing adequate taurine in their raw diet. To start, it is important to know the ingredients that are rich in taurine. Red meat is higher in...

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What is the difference? Complete Mix Raw Pet Food

Complete Mix Raw Pet Food One of the most frequently asked questions we get is, "What is the difference between your Complete Mixes?" Currently, RawFedK9 has three different complete mixes, with a fourth being released this year! Each dog is an individual, and because of this, we try to offer different variations while remaining an 80/10/10 balanced prey model raw diet for your pet. To start, no matter what RawFedK9 complete mix you choose for your pet, you will always have a complete and balanced diet. The Original Complete Mix Our Original Complete Mix is our most popular complete mix with limited ingredients. The entire 80% muscle meat will be sourced from the protein of your choice, the 10% bone...

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